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Loving the yoga practice and teaching yoga

It is Tuesday evening as I write this and I was teaching yoga tonight. I am always listening at the end of class to hear people’s reaction to my class. I am careful not to ask people what they thought but rather to wait for the feedback that often fills the quite moments when we finish class.

Tonight, at the end of class one of the people said, “I feel so relaxed…you can’t tell that it is busy out there” (points to the windows). She also asked if I taught anywhere else which is the best compliment I could have hoped for.

Two things are with me now.

Loving to do it

This is my favourite thing to do and I now have the skills to do it. I feel like I was given a raw talent to use my body in this way.  I know if I choose this as my one thing and invest all my energy and time into it, I can make it my life.

When I speak to people about their own businesses there are two types. There are those that work long hours in their business and make enough money to make ends meet. Their work is not exciting to them but a means to an end…paying bills.

The second type are the people who are excited and driven and motivated by their business. They face risk straight on, plotting and planning and are always excited about the next new thing. (As I write this I think of my Dad’s boss who is very successful in business. When I asked him about risk, he said not to worry too much about the risks. He said the things that go wrong are never the things you originally worried about anyway. I thought this was a helpful outlook and the truth.)

I aspire to the have the second kind of business. I like planning new workshops and experiences for people. I start by planning an experience for the people in the room with me. During each class, I focus on being present with people in the room with me. I want to inspire them to come every week. I want to connect the people in my community so they can form friendships at yoga. I hone my craft and share the practice and grow and improve and write and use my talents to become the yoga teacher that I know I can be.

Teaching Yoga – Sharing it

These teachings, the meditation, the poses and the seasonal yoga have been so helpful to me. First, yoga helps me to relax. But I also gain flexibility, mindfulness, health, vitality, strength, power, connection, community and fitness. I want to share it. Now that I have developed such a connection to the practice I feel compelled to share it.

At the end of yoga teacher training, my friend Ella who was on the teacher training with me told me she felt a compulsion to share what she had learned. And now I share that feeling too.

I am unique and I have a unique experience. I don’t have to be more skilled, more experienced, more like anyone else. I just need to be me and teach. I’m ready.

Yoga doesn’t deliver me to a destination, nor does it take away the hard-to-feel emotions but it does train me to go back to my breath and stay with the feelings instead of running from them or trying to distract myself from them, using food or screens or work or running or more sinister drugs of choice.

And that is why you will find me teaching yoga. Sharing the practice. It helps that my body and mind feels like it was made for this and that I love teaching yoga.


This writing is part of a series of blog posts that I am posting weekly about my curiosity around yoga and movement and the body and our purpose how these can align.