Dance and yoga – perfect partners

A teacher of mine, once said to me that a lot of serious yogis have forgotten how to dance.

They are so rigid and stiff and serious they’ve forgotten how to move their bodies freely to music.

I love to combine dance and yoga in my classes and after offering up a session to my fellow trainees on yoga teacher training retreat last month, I was so happy I wanted to tell you about it.

WATCH: Can yogis dance?

What kind of movement does your body like to create? Do you give it a chance?

I am on a bit of mission to create space for people to move freely in a fun environment and I think yoga studios are a great place to start.

Have fun,

lots of love


My imperfect daily yoga practice

I don’t get my mat out every day. But the days I do are always the best days. It is also good if I don’t berate myself for the days when I don’t practice.

The point is that I have what I know is an imperfect daily yoga practice.

It just takes getting your mat out and sitting on it and maybe stretching and standing on it.

I encourage you to just see what your body needs each day. A resting pose, some self-massage. Some meditation. Some strong poses? Freestyle your own daily practice.


WATCH: One day on my yoga mat

Practice makes perfect.

And the more you get your mat out, the more you can bring yoga into your life.

My yoga teacher training course is called Yoga for Life and the point I am discovering is that yoga really is about overlapping yoga into your life and your life into your yoga practice.


lots of love


How do I know what I want?

Hello my Dears,

this month I’m doing something new.

Sometimes we have so much choice in our life and we actually are not sure what is the right next step for us to take.

I’ve taken up a challenge because…
I can

I want to

And it is fun!

I am making a vlog every day in August (VEDA)

I am making a short video every day and uploading it to my YouTube Channel.

So I’m committing and I’m making some new friends. And I’m learning. It is your chance to get to know me better…each day I answer a different question as part of the VEDA challenge.

My month so far:


And remember it is never too late to ask yourself what you want to do this month.  Go ahead ask yourself: What do I want? (And it is okay…you can want whatever you want. this is a “should-free” zone)



PS this was the theme of last week’s class of my Self Discovery Community Yoga Course. So much fun!

me being a fish

stressed out? why I bring women together to nurture each other

If we are always working and striving and providing in the world we get stressed out.

And when we are stressed out we know we are more likely to nag at our partners or snap at our children.

Think about how you felt the last time you committed to some time to care for yourself. Maybe you had an extra large peaceful space in your heart to sit with your angry child. Maybe you had some great sex.

I know myself I am a much more loving partner and nurturing mother, when I have an upcoming weekend away with my girlfriends highlighted on the calender or when I take a Tuesday morning to go to yoga instead of working at my desk all day.


When we come together and relax with  other women, we feel seen, heard, touched and nourished. And that puts us back in touch with our wonderful feminine energy, our sensuality, our ability to enjoy pleasure and helps us to feel fulfilled in our lives.

Really dancing and letting go to express yourself to music is such a beautiful, free relaxing thing to do. When you really let go and just let the music move you that is your own pure, raw unabashed feminine energy expressing itself. And it feels so fulfilling to me when I can bring women together to do this.

The world needs our divine feminine energy.  Let’s spread it around.

I am hoping you can join my Self Discovery Community Yoga Course (8 weeks) starting Wednesday 16 July 2014. Manly Lota RSL Hall

$120 per person. Or $160 for two (if you want to come with a friend or your partner)

184 Melville Terrace, Manly



PS. contact me to tell me your in!




PPS. The Shakti Summit inspired me today.




Floods of tears: witnessing true kindness

I was sitting at home, nestled on the lounge watching Yogawoman the film that a friend had dropped over because she knew I loved yoga.

I found the film quite interesting and then, in a moment I found myself in floods of tears, gentle sobs even.

My heart was opening to the amazing kindness of one woman who was bringing yoga to young woman inmates at a juvenile detention centre in the US.

This kind human had brought fresh flowers, candles and brightly coloured stripped blankets to decorate the centre of the yoga circle, to make a beautiful space for these women to be in.

What touched me the most was one young inmate’s recount of what she most liked about the class.

At the start of the class while everyone was in child’s pose, the teacher had asked if anyone did not want to be touched during the class. (Some yoga teachers like to adjust their students to help them in certain poses). The young girl said that this kindness and safe space to be in her body with control over whether she was touched or not was the the best thing for her. No one had ever asked her that before. No one had showed her such respect for her body.

I wiped away my tears. I knew this was the kind of work that I want to do.

In that instant I remembered that by providing a safe, comforting, beautiful space for people to get to know, appreciate and love the body they were given, a yoga teacher is doing life changing work.


And I was inspired.

lots of love




5 tips for getting your yoga on with the kids you teach

First I want to declare that I have not been teaching yoga to kids for very long!

But on my fast and steep learning curve and with a deep bow of gratitude to my wonderful teachers (Lainie Jenkins andGopala and Angel Yaffa) here is what I find works:


  1. Play your favourite music. It might be music that you loved when you were a teenager, it might be the latest ballad that you love to turn up and sing along to in the car.  And play it LOUDLY. I think kids get a lot of verbal instruction at school. And in yoga, once you have everyone in a beautiful big circle facing in to each other and you turn the  music up loud everyone knows it is yoga time. You can use lots of hand cues and your body to show everyone what to do….just turn the music down when you need to give detailed explanations. When the music goes up everyone takes the cue to let loose, play, relax and have fun! We need to do this more!! (only caution: be aware of safe sound levels – we definitely don’t want to do any hearing damage.)
  2. Let go of your own inhibitions. I mean this one….pretend you are at home in the lounge room with no one watching! If you truly let your inner dance queen/yoga goddess come out and let the music guide you…the kids will then feel free to move freely and express themselves with their bodies  too.
  3. As in any yoga class remind your your children and yourself that  yoga always feels good in their bodes. If someone doesn’t feel like yoga-ing today that is okay. Have a quiet activity set aside somewhere with ideally another carer to supervise where people who aren’t feeling it today can hang out. Remembering, no ‘shoulds’ in yoga.
  4. Do some self discovery yourself. Try some new experiences and different yoga classes. Go to meet new teachers. Try out some different yoga styles online at home. Find something new you like? Great! bring it in to the kids the next day and try it out! Create your own kind of awesome class. Play games. Only rule: have fun.
  5. Be you. You may not be the most flexible yogi, the thinnest woman, the whatever, but you don’t have to be anything but yourself. Yoga takes you as you are.  Introduce your kids to yoga/free movement/dance parties/massage sessions because your way of teaching is unique to you! If you play an instrument bring it along. Bring some flowers for the centre of the circle.  Whatever you feel like. And when the fear or self doubt kicks in when you are planning your session (as it probably will) keep this in mind:….what if you are the first one in this little person’s life who shows them how to dance and have fun to music? What if you are the one who helps them to learn that all they have to be is themselves. That we love them just for that.

Have a wonderful time with your little people.


I have so much love and gratitude for you as you dedicate your work to caring for the little people of the world.

You deserve a pay rise!!




how do I help someone open their heart so they can stand tall?

I was at a shopping centre today and as I walked back to my car, I saw a young man waiting at the bus stop. He was overweight and smoking a cigarette. He was looking at his mobile screen. He was very hunched over. Very very hunched for a young man. From the side, it looked like he sat hunched over his phone or watching tv for a big part of his day…I felt a strong urge to help this young guy. I wanted to kindly show him how to open his heart and roll his shoulders back. What could I do?

I couldn’t take him to a yoga class. He is a stranger.

Can I help other people like him?

I know for me doing yoga and opening my heart, lets so much more love in and lets me give out more love!

How would I get him to a community yoga class to move, play, laugh, stretch, feel touch and stand tall?

Would you like to do a little less of this at your next conference?

So you’ve been sitting all day listening and learning at your conference. You’ve had a couple too many coffees and something you ate at lunch has left you feeling bloated. You can feel a headache coming on and you haven’t had time for any exercise.

You’ve met some lovely people, learned a lot but your body has really suffered. And if your body feels blah then it is hard to go off and implement what you’ve learned straight away because you need to recover from the event first.

Imagine if you had started the day with some gentle movements, stretching set to the right tracks to get you in the mood, played some yoga games and got to know people in a barefoot and calm way.

What if you had some more games and movement throughout the day to break the ice and keeping your body feel loose and open.

I’m imaging a different feeling at the end of the day. Want to try it?

I am giving away free community yoga sessions to break ice and so you can launch your work events and conferences in a whole new way.

Everyone feels invigorated.

it doesn’t always go to plan

Coming together with my family and friends from our local community on a yoga mat is a great thing to do on a Saturday morning.

It is true that we exercise and I truly can say we all  feel calm, more grounded and centred after yoga but it is not all smelling the roses.

Like the time when we were supposed to take turns to wear the magic hat, cape and wave the magic wand to turn each other into yoga poses. My daughter grabbed the costume and the wand and would not let anyone else have a go!

Then there was the time when our family was the only one that showed up. Initially my children screwed up their faces and said there was no point in doing yoga on our own. But we did it anyway and we had a great time…we didn’t want to stop when the time ran out.

Then there was yesterday when it was so hot again (33 degrees in the middle of Autumn peoples!) that my son was hot, bothered and distracted and decided he wanted to turn the yoga space into a soccer field. [Note to self: must do something about the toys inconveniently placed around the edge of the room]

In these times I have to keep reminding myself that there is room for such chaos in family yoga. I can accept what is happening and then find a new way make the class work.

Just like in parenting and just like in life. It is never straight forward and easy. So we keep on going.

We let there be space for chaos and imperfection.

I keep learning the lesson over and over.

have a wonderful week,

lots of love,


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