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5 tips for getting your yoga on with the kids you teach

First I want to declare that I have not been teaching yoga to kids for very long!

But on my fast and steep learning curve and with a deep bow of gratitude to my wonderful teachers (Lainie Jenkins andGopala and Angel Yaffa) here is what I find works:


  1. Play your favourite music. It might be music that you loved when you were a teenager, it might be the latest ballad that you love to turn up and sing along to in the car.  And play it LOUDLY. I think kids get a lot of verbal instruction at school. And in yoga, once you have everyone in a beautiful big circle facing in to each other and you turn the  music up loud everyone knows it is yoga time. You can use lots of hand cues and your body to show everyone what to do….just turn the music down when you need to give detailed explanations. When the music goes up everyone takes the cue to let loose, play, relax and have fun! We need to do this more!! (only caution: be aware of safe sound levels – we definitely don’t want to do any hearing damage.)
  2. Let go of your own inhibitions. I mean this one….pretend you are at home in the lounge room with no one watching! If you truly let your inner dance queen/yoga goddess come out and let the music guide you…the kids will then feel free to move freely and express themselves with their bodies  too.
  3. As in any yoga class remind your your children and yourself that  yoga always feels good in their bodes. If someone doesn’t feel like yoga-ing today that is okay. Have a quiet activity set aside somewhere with ideally another carer to supervise where people who aren’t feeling it today can hang out. Remembering, no ‘shoulds’ in yoga.
  4. Do some self discovery yourself. Try some new experiences and different yoga classes. Go to meet new teachers. Try out some different yoga styles online at home. Find something new you like? Great! bring it in to the kids the next day and try it out! Create your own kind of awesome class. Play games. Only rule: have fun.
  5. Be you. You may not be the most flexible yogi, the thinnest woman, the whatever, but you don’t have to be anything but yourself. Yoga takes you as you are.  Introduce your kids to yoga/free movement/dance parties/massage sessions because your way of teaching is unique to you! If you play an instrument bring it along. Bring some flowers for the centre of the circle.  Whatever you feel like. And when the fear or self doubt kicks in when you are planning your session (as it probably will) keep this in mind:….what if you are the first one in this little person’s life who shows them how to dance and have fun to music? What if you are the one who helps them to learn that all they have to be is themselves. That we love them just for that.

Have a wonderful time with your little people.


I have so much love and gratitude for you as you dedicate your work to caring for the little people of the world.

You deserve a pay rise!!