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Hello, I’m Sally Waters. I’m so pleased to have you at my site.

Deep down I am a dancer. I feel most alive when I am moving my body to music in a group of people. I have always known this…but along the way I got a little lost and got an honours degree in Economics.

I am also fluent in Mandarin. I’m imagine westerners going to China and speaking Chinese…not expecting to speak English or just relying on translators. I inpsire people to learn Mandarin, I teach them and I share the joy of understanding the Chinese ways of doing things.

I have been in China and felt scared and lost and misunderstood. I want to help as many people as I can so they can show respect in China and feel more confident, have more fun and achieve more in their business or as they serve others in China.

I love yoga.

I especially love family yoga.

I’m imagining more people having fun and playing with their kids…

People used to go to dances and this doesn’t happen so much anymore. (Except if you are into night clubs and this is not for everyone and often involves lotsa drinking.)

People watch dancing on TV and they go to watch dancers perform at the ballet or in musicals or at concerts.

But I don’t want to sit and watch the dancers on stage or on TV having all fun. I don’t want other people to sit there while the people on the stage get all the benefits of moving and dancing and we pay them! I want audience participation! I want to move my body too.

I am against sitting.

I don’t want my kids sitting at home watching TV or playing games on the iPad while I am off at yoga.

I don’t want to sit outside all my kids extra-cirricular activities…I want to move with them.

I want to have fun and move with my family and other people in my neighbourhood.

I want more people to join in on the kids and family and community yoga bandwagon. I did my training with Gopala Amir Yaffe from Rainbow Kids Yoga. This is so wonderful. I want to encourage more people to do this.

I want more people to move and have fun and massage each other and dance and play together to music and be fit and healthy. I want to share the benefits of yoga and touch and play and creativity and music with as many people as I can. In Australia, in China, where ever I am with my family.

I see Mums and Dads and kids and Grandparents and Auntys and Uncles…altogether…work colleagues, neighbours, friends…moving and having fun together.

I think it can be so healing in our families, in our neighbourhoods, our schools and universities and in our workplaces and in our community.

So I’m walking the walk to go with my talk and each Saturday me and my family do yoga together with other keen people in our neighbourhood. We have a blast!

I wonder…are with me.

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And I will see you on the floor!


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